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How we Work

Full-Time Dedication & Temp-to-Perm Option

Our developers are entirely dedicated to your project, ensuring they immerse themselves fully in your culture. They remain with your project for as long as needed, providing consistent focus and understanding. Plus, if you’re happy with their contribution and wish to make things more permanent, we offer a Temp-to-Perm option after 12 months.

Top Talent Retention

Our human-centric team culture has earned us outstanding feedback on platforms like Glassdoor. We excel at retaining top talent, with our team members usually staying 12+ months within the same project.

Global Network & Custom Recruiting

Benefit from our always-open recruiting pipelines for frequent positions and our ability to custom-recruit when an immediate match isn’t available. Our tailored approach ensures you get the right talent when you need it for any role within just 14 days.

Elevating Remote Collaboration

We excel in promoting effective communication in fully remote environments, employing modern structures and best practices outlined in our continuously updated Developer Playbook. This living document, fine-tuned to your unique team culture, captures workflows and technical best practices. Along with our ongoing alignment it ensures seamless collaboration and productivity.

Long-Term Partnerships

We’re committed to long-term partnerships, serving as a stable factor to your HR team during rapid growth. While our engagements are typically long-term, we do offer flexible quarter-to-quarter contracts, believing in earned, not enforced, partnerships. This approach balances consistency and flexibility for fast-scaling companies.

Continuous HR Engagement

We don’t just fill positions – we cultivate relationships. Our team is consistently engaged with the developers and you, providing a steady line of communication, feedback, and support. We ensure they are not just some ‘Freelancer Satelites’ but an integral part of your team. This constant support allows us to address issues proactively and frees capacity to focus on your project and growth.


Mobile & Web DevelopmentAI/MLDevOpsQAUI/UXDBA

Fair Competition Comparison


Freelance platforms


Hire Time
1 – 14 days
7 – 30 days
30 – 90 days
Recruiting costs
$5,000 – $15,000
$5,000 – $40,000
Hiring Focus
Automated payroll


Very Limited
Structure & Productivity
Free Engagement & Training Support
Savings to employees
$30,000 – $60,000
$60,000 – $90,000
No hidden costs of employment (Onboarding, Health Benefits, Office, etc)