No more fear of staffing remotely.  With SPACE44’s high-end recruiting on an international scale you benefit from high performance staffing pipelines. You focus on your business, we supercharge your HR engine. Say goodbye to mishires and open positions.

✔   We start where recruiters stop.

Providing paper CVs is easy. Our efforts include cognitive, personality, and coding assessments - summarized in an interactive media platform.

 7-day free cancellation & no-fee recruiting.

The confidence in our team's abilities reflects in a 7-day free cancelation period. If the perfect candidate is not in our pipeline, we will hire at no cost to you. This ensures perfect candidate fits for your company risk-free. Say goodbye to costly miss-hires concluding in lost opportunities.

One time-sheet, one invoice. No payroll hassle.

Unleash the power of a distributed team without the hassle of working with a patchwork of freelancers. We streamline your Freelancer Management with one timesheet and invoice, so you can focus on growing your business.

✔  Continuous reviews and coaching.

In monthly review cycles with our CTO we identify personal potentials and changing needs in the team setup. Your feedback comprehends our assessments to create personalized development plans tailored to each team member. We believe self-development for freelancers is an essential part of team affiliation and motivation.

What We Do

Tech Consulting

Robert, our CTO from Sweden, with 20+ years of experience, is aligning our service to your technical needs.


Bianca, our CPO from South Africa, is taking care of your staffing needs.

Coaching and Training

Sofia, our Head of Culture & Training from Portugal, is  continuously coaching and training our hybrid workforce.

The Approach

We Prepare


Recruiting Pipelines

Our strongly engaged hiring pipeline constantly produces high-profile candidates to make directly available for you. Technologies include JS frameworks, C#, .net, Python and QA, DBA, or DevOps engineers.

We Deliver


Define your staffing needs

Going through a specific ‘Qualifying Call’ with our CTO Robert we are scoping your staffing needs to identify candidates within our pipelines or opening a new Hiring Pipeline for you.


Candidate Presentation

Within your client account, we are able to interactively present a candidate profile way beyond a normal CV. A personal candidate self-introduction and several other self-presented content. We supply a full personality profile, cognitive test results, and a complete 360° technical skill overview.


Terms Agree

Our straightforward terms are presented digitally and within a smooth e-signature process each candidate can be swiftly assigned to start the Onboarding process.

We Support



Aligning our IT standard practices we make sure our candidates are prepared for your Working Culture. After a first Onboarding, we support you on anything we are able to bring into your Onboarding process to make it as smooth as possible for your HR and Tech Team.


Monthly Reviews

This is where Robert, our CTO, offers a monthly review check-up to receive feedback on our team from your CTO or Tech Lead to see what we can improve in the partnership or the individual performance of our team.

Let's talk!

If you have any questions or wish to get in contact, use our chat widget, or drop us a line at our contact form Subsequently, you can schedule a meeting with us via Calendly.
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