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SPACE44 scouts, builds, and enables your distributed Software Development Team with experienced Software Engineers to help your company innovate and scale even faster.
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Global Talent HUB

Dive into the world of global talent with SPACE44 as your dedicated growth partner. By connecting you with tech professionals from around the world, we help overcome talent scarcity, fill niche roles, and swiftly navigate timezone or cultural differences. We embrace the power of global talent to minimize your time-to-hire and maximize the efficiency of your team building.

Flexible & Tailored Approach

Breaking away from traditional outsourcing companies, we don’t maintain a fixed ‘bench’ of employees. We leverage our global talent reach to to custom-recruit for specific roles in your team as needed. Freed from fixed rosters, we use AI-powered processes to meet your needs precisely. This flexible, client-focused model eliminates the constraints of having to fill positions with predefined candidates.

Free End-to-End Service

Our service extends beyond just hiring. We facilitate the onboarding process of our recruited professionals, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing team, and provide continuous reviews and support. This commitment to a 360° Service sets us apart, confirming a strong partnership dedicated to not just providing talent but maximize efficiency to reach your goals.

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Our Process, Simplified

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Identify Your Needs

We analyze business goals, project tasks, specific roles, and your team’s unique culture.

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Candidate Sourcing

Leveraging our talent pool, we meet your needs swiftly, hiring internationally when necessary.

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Rigorous Vetting

Targeted job ads attract top talent, who undergo our rigorous cognitive and personality screening.

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Candidate Presentation

Receive detailed, streamlined profiles that equip you for focused interviews.

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Onboarding Support

We support your onboarding, ensuring seamless integration of new members into your teams.

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Continuous Support

Through regular reviews, we provide ongoing support, optimizing productivity for sustained growth.

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Deniese Chinnappen

Technology Portfolio Manager at Bet Software

Durban, South Africa

Engaging European specialists via SPACE44 has diversified our culture and bolstered our capabilities. These experts have become significant contributors who align with our vision and seamlessly integrate into our teams. Their flexible approach simplifies short-term team composition adjustments, preserves our core culture, and extends our global reach.

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Alexander Ploghaus

CEO of Principe Mentis – Changemaker

Munich, Germany

The team at SPACE44 has an exceptional knack for mastering diverse technologies swiftly. With our ChangeMaker Software, we often come across projects and technologies hard to find with our local recruiting capabilities. SPACE44 always steps in and seamlessly bridges that gap. Their global recruitment strength is unmatched, granting us access to a worldwide access to candidates we hadn’t been able to tap into before. Their support has been instrumental in our growth and ability to innovate.

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Sebastian Herke

CEO of Circuit-Booking

Munich, Germany

Partnering with SPACE44 was a game-changer at the time we decided to ramp up our company’s portfolio and tech stack. They were able to provide the wide spectrum of specialists we needed at the time to push our web and native platforms all at the same time. Process alignment cut through the complexity we faced with freelancers so far. SPACE44’s support was pivotal, elevating our platform development to new heights with remarkable efficiency.

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Peter Michaels

CEO at Hop-on

Temecula, USA

As a veteran in consumer electronics, finding the right talent blend is tough. With SPACE44, I’ve discovered a tech team that breaks the mold, attracting elite developers from engineering hotspots globally. They delivered bleeding-edge innovation for our pioneering Hop-on and Digitalage social media platform. SPACE44 embodies diversity, speed, and a passion for being first-to-market, offering an invaluable fusion of skills.

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