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We are committed to fostering a positive and joyful work environment, where everyone feels valued, respected and empowered. At SPACE44, we don’t just want our team members to perform well, we want them to be happy while they do it. Join us and let’s raise the bar for both joy and performance.

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SPACE44 is the place to be if you want complete location freedom. Join our amazing team and work from wherever you want.

Let Performance
Meet Joy

At SPACE44, we believe in the power of joy and performance to drive success. While skills can be developed, attitudes and personalities are key components of a person’s identity and they are the one to stay. That’s why we prioritize a human-centered approach, with personal joy and satisfaction at the core of our values.

We understand that in order to reach peak performance, our team members must feel fulfilled in their roles. That’s why we invest in our team by holding regular assessments and providing structured feedback from both their colleagues and our clients. This helps us create personalized development plans, with appropriate workshops and coaching for each individual on the team, ensuring that everyone has the tools and support they need to reach their full potential.