You cannot create epic shit with ordinary people.

About us



SPACE44 merges the best of Outsourcing flexibility with the precision of specialized Recruiting Services, offering custom-built Engineering Teams at no additional cost. Our approach emphasizes the seamless integration of dedicated developers into our clients’ existing teams, enhancing operational capacity and cohesion without the extra expenses and lead times of traditional hiring processes. As a strategic partner, SPACE44 is committed to empowering IT companies to rapidly scale their engineering workforce and build robust, resilient tech teams.

Our recruitment process is both tailored and AI-enhanced, facilitating placements that are precision-matched not only to technical specifications but also to our clients’ unique cultural dynamics. Through AI-driven insights, comprehensive personality testing, and cognitive evaluations, we achieve a harmonious fit every time.

Extending beyond the initial placements, SPACE44 offers comprehensive lifecycle support. This includes continuous alignment checks, performance reviews, and targeted training designed to foster the ongoing development of the engineering teams we assemble. We are dedicated to ensuring these teams not only meet but exceed our clients’ objectives, maintaining peak performance and relevance as business landscapes evolve.

Our Team

Our strength at SPACE44 stems from a diverse group of professionals hailing from 15 countries across 10 time zones. Our German base provides the strong foundation for working together effectively, drawing on the diverse strengths of our international team.

Our Team is the engine behind our company’s culture and operational success, creating the optimal environment for our Tech Team to thrive. While the Tech Team focuses on advancing our technological frontiers, we, the HR and Business Team, ensure the smooth running of our operations, supporting our clients and the tech specialists dedicated to serving them.

United in our pursuit of excellence, we embrace the dynamism of our industry, adapting and excelling amidst the tides of change. Each team member contributes a unique blend of skills, experiences, and perspectives, forging our collective identity as a formidable force in the field of global IT workforce.

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As the visionary CEO and founder of SPACE44, Mike infuses the company with a culture of innovation, a testament to his belief in the profound impact of attitude and approach. Under his leadership, SPACE44 harnesses the collective energy of a team driven to excel, challenging industry conventions and delivering exceptional value to clients.

Mike’s engineering acumen, honed while heading the development and organization of the Formula BMW race car series at BMW Motorsport, laid the groundwork for his methodical, yet creative approach to business solutions. His philosophy, centered on maximizing every situation, has been a guiding principle that has shaped SPACE44 from the outset.

Leading by example, Mike empowers his team to explore new frontiers, fostering an environment where pushing boundaries is the norm. His dedication to excellence and drive for continuous improvement have positioned SPACE44 to make significant inroads against major players, establishing a unique identity and a robust solution portfolio.