software developers

as a service

We provide experienced distributed developers to support your business by keeping your projects profitable. Hiring a full-time remote solution means that one of our developers or teams will work exclusively for you and your project. Wide skillsets with well-managed workplaces ensure constant high levels of output. Internal skill development programs keep our developers up to date with all modern technologies that benefit you. Whether support is needed for long-term positions or short-term projects, our “plug and play” model has a solution for all needs.
  • Dedicated developers only for you
  • Direct contact to each developer
  • Most modern security protocols
  • Additional Quality Assurance layer
  • Onboarding Managment
  • Pre-Assessment


This is our more conservative model for the German market where one of our in house developers works directly onsite within your team. This “Service Relationship” does not benefit from offshore rates and is not as flexible to exchange provided technologies as the outstaff model. This model can be a good starting point to later scale into the hybrid model by adding remote capacities.


The oustaffing model is the most flexible and cost effective model. Outstaffing means that the service will be delivered remotely most of the time. However they start onsite at your company for a kick-off week at first and then return on a 4-8 weekly rhythm to keep the physical and personal interaction aspect. Inbetween they work remotely with Agile project management tools provided by you.


The Hybrid takes the best of both the Insource and Outstaff models. You benefit from a very personal integration and responsibility of a Lead Developer onsite in your team, with the added flexibility, scalability and tech variety of a 50+ remote team with 150+ technologies listed. You are able to scale or multiply within certain technologies with dedicated remote developers on a short notice.

you scale

we do the work

Software development became the main challenge when scaling modern businesses. Our services target exactly those needs. You are able to focus on your core product and team while we scale your development resources to your requirements with additional benefits.

Why remote is better

  • Developers within days rather than months
  • Flexible start & stop of resources
  • 50% budget savings
  • Flexible tech fit for changing needs