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Software became the key bottleneck to most of the business not only digital products. Our services target at exactly those needs to be able to instantly add capacities to existing development teams and make them able to scale without loosing control or sacrificing security matters.


This is our more conservative model for the German market where one of our in house developers works directly onsite within your team. This “Service Relationship” does not benefit from offshore rates and is not as flexible to exchange provided technologies as the outstaff model. This model can be a good starting point to later scale into the hybrid model by adding remote capacities.


The oustaffing model is the most flexible and cost effective model. Outstaffing means that the service will be delivered remotely most of the time. However they start onsite at your company for a kick-off week at first and then return on a 4-8 weekly rhythm to keep the physical and personal interaction aspect. Inbetween they work remotely with Agile project management tools provided by you.


The Hybrid takes the best of both the Insource and Outstaff models. You benefit from a very personal integration and responsibility of a Lead Developer onsite in your team, with the added flexibility, scalability and tech variety of a 50+ remote team with 150+ technologies listed. You are able to scale or multiply within certain technologies with dedicated remote developers on a short notice.


to german standards

Offshore has a bad image due to many agencies leaving „scorched earth“. Mismanaged projects with intransparent capacities are often not coming up with the overpromised results. That is why SPACE44 is bringing in an additional quality layer to its offshore teams.

All our team members are being individually assessed and integrated into our Techn, Communication and Project Management standards. With a constantly re-challenged knowledge base we are continuously pushing our standards from any input we get out of our work. This way we are able to seemlessly integrate indivudual players or teams into your environments.


This is one of the key concerns we get introducing our resources. But we are very aware of your concerns why we have the option to leave all the codes and data within your network and only access your machines via VPN. This is like an endoscopic development within your environment and your security walls.