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What is ”Staff Augmentation” and how can it benefit my business?

Staff augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy that enables you to hire tech talent globally and manage your augmented team directly. You pick the people who will work with you while we handle back-office tasks. This model can enhance your business by providing you with top-notch talent as per your requirements and decreasing your time to market.

How does SPACE44 support my business’s growth and scaling efforts?

SPACE44 offers software development teams who are experts in their domains. Our teams can easily integrate with your existing operations, helping you scale rapidly and efficiently in response to your business requirements.

Where are SPACE44’s IT professionals based?

Our IT professionals are spread across more than 20 countries, enabling us to help you build a truly global and diverse team.

How does SPACE44 maintain high quality in the teams provided?

SPACE44’s rigorous candidate evaluation process ensures that we provide only high-performance teams. Our regular personal reviews, training, and coaching plans ensure continuous growth and maintenance of high standards.

What sets SPACE44 apart from other staff augmentation services?

SPACE44 stands out with its focus on providing high-performance teams with a strong emphasis on joy and performance being our core values. We nurture an inclusive, multicultural, and fully remote working environment, ensuring individual’s professional growth and your business success.

Can SPACE44 provide teams capable of working across different time zones?

Absolutely. Being spread over 20 countries, our teams are well-equipped to cater to different time zones, ensuring seamless coordination and communication.

How quickly can SPACE44 assemble a team for my project?

The time frame can vary depending on the specific requirements of the project. We pride ourselves on our agile and responsive process, endeavoring to provide suitable teams as swiftly as possible.

How does SPACE44 determine the cost of its services?

Our services are at no extra cost for you! The rates of our developers vary depending on location, seniority and skillset.

What role does AI play in SPACE44’s recruiting process?

While specific details about the use of AI in our process cannot be realease, typically AI can help increase auotmation and comprehend experience in the Recruiting in Vetting process that results in a faster process with higher quality results.

How does SPACE44 support organizational structures within remote teams?

SPACE44 provides all necessary support for remote team organization, including regular reviews, training, and fostering an inclusive culture, which are paramount for successful remote working scenarios.

What steps does SPACE44 take if there are issues or concerns with an augmented staff member?

In case of any issues with an augmented staff member, we first try to resolve it by facilitating communication between all parties. If needed, we are prepared to replace the concerned staff member to ensure smooth project execution.

Can I scale the number of augmented staff up or down based on my project requirements?

Yes, SPACE44 allows flexibility in scaling your team size up or down based on your evolving project needs to ensure optimal productivity.

Do I have the opportunity to interview and select staff for augmentation?

Absolutely. SPACE44 believes in empowering clients with the choice of their team. We provide pre-selected, top-tier candidates who you can interview and choose from to ensure a perfect fit for your projects.