Software is the DNA of this Planet

SPACE44’s vision is to become an international backbone for aspiring developers from all over the world to interact with the global innovation hubs. With our first office in Munich we want to reach out to Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Toronto, Austin, Tel Aviv, Berlin besides many others. Partners, projects and offices from these hubs share knowledge of the latest technologies, methods or business models. Our customers benefit from this international thinking and the energy coming along with all the different development resources provided from Junior to Senior.

Human Machine Interface

HMI – the human machine interface is one of the fastest growing needs globally. As automation seems to never stop growing for the next years products are less being handled by hardware but more and more by screens and surfaces that are flexibly updated by software on the fly. This generally means a growing amount of challenges to come up with the enormous interfaces a human needs to handle the growing amount of automation devices we will use. From coffee machines to autonomous driving.

Our focus from web and mobile frontend development is going to shift towards the IOT and automotive interface sector. A much more complex deep dive into the tech industry. We are up for the challenge.

We will back you up

Besides providing technical resources as a paid service we are open for any kind of models to support your Start-Up. This could be spin-offs with parts our team to support a Marketing and Sales driven startup. Or „Smart Money“ with funding and/or resources for any Startup that’s up for the challenge from Europe or Overseas. All we need are talents on fire for what they do.