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we're already late

The digital revolution has created an enormous need of Software resources in  urban Tech hubs. The local job markets are unable to serve them locally as needs have exceeded available developers. As a consequence every IT project has open positions remaining on a constant basis.

Despite weaker economics there is many regions with talented and experienced developers not getting enough traction due to their location.

SPACE44 closes this gap with its international teams working to most modern standards with most innovative technologies. Our services target at exactly those needs to be able to instantly scale your resources like a plug-in solution.

Intelligence is measured in the ability

to learn and change

Most of the top 20 most valuable companies in the world are from California or the United States. If we want to keep up with technologies and methods we need to understand this momentum. We are strongly networking within Germany and the United States to benchmark everything we do with the best in the tech industry.

SPACE44’s vision is to integrate aspiring developers from all over the world to with the best companies of the international Tech Industry. With our first office in Munich we want to reach out to Berlin, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Austin, Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Partners, projects and offices from these hubs share knowledge of the latest technologies, methods or business models. Our customers benefit from this international think tank and the energy coming along with the dynamic of this diverse team setup.

try. fail. improve.

When Mike as founder of the company developed his first entry level Formula 1  racecar, the digital revolution was at its beginning. As Sebastian Vettel, one of his first fosters won his first Formula 1 race he called his personal mission completed. He left Motorsport for good to enter the digital industry.

His first Startup was a Social Media app similar to Tinders approach. Despite not making it one of the unicorns Mike continued his passion to build and inspire international teams with a united mission.

In April  2017 the SPACE44 GmbH was founded. The team began to support other Startups with development resources and later started to support suppliers of big German DAX corporates from the finance and automotive industry.

As a young company we stay humble about what we achieved so far but very ambitious about what is still to come.

Besides providing technical resources as a paid service we are open for any kind of models to support your Start-Up. This could be spin-offs with parts our team to support a Marketing and Sales driven startup. Or “Smart Money” with funding and/or resources for any Startup that’s up for the challenge from Europe or Overseas. All we need are talents on fire for what they do.