Nothing is more powerfulthan a human soul on fire

The Digital Transformation has created a strong competition of digital products and services. The speed and efficiency of the Hiring Process is deciding the battle for Market Leadership. Relying on highly competitive local job markets is not a success model anymore. Establishing Remote Work is the new working model.

We grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation.

We believe talent and motivation has no time zone, location, or culture. Our vision to allow a talent from anywhere in this world to remotely work for team with a modern team culture and an innovative product vision.

Via workplace diversity and empowerment of everyone.

Reaching out to New York, Austin, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Montreal, London and Stockholm we share our experience from working in innovation hubs. Knowledge and experience on the latest technologies, patterns or business models. Our clients benefit from this international think tank and the energy coming along with the dynamic of this diverse team setup.