Within our multiple teams we share a large technology stack. A strong focus is on javascript full-stack technologies but we support other backend technologies, c ++ embedded and big data tech.


We use the most innovative JS libraries and frameworks for Front- and Backend development. Full Stack Javascript has the advantage of being flexible to shift resources from front- to backend within the same team which allows for a great degree of flexibility. For many of the web and mobile projects this is an excellent mix of time, cost and performance.

Demystifying Big Data

Big Data is probably the most mystified new tech out there. Everybody wants it, everybody needs it, but nobody really knows what it is. With our data and AI specialists we provide support in handling and structuring your data, raising performance of data request and apply Artificial Intelligence with Bots or Machine Learning. The team has extensive experience in this wide range of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence to make your business challenges become chances.

Embedded C languages

Embedded and the C languages are the technologies used for IOT and many autonomous technologies. Similar language but completely different industry is the Gaming industry. Our team has excellent but confidential references of US or Israel based clients.

our technology stack