Nothing is more powerful

than a human soul on fire

Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens. And if there is one thing we at SPACE44 all share it is reaching out beyond our comfort zones. The will to go the extra mile is what drives us to deliver best results. All our developers are coming from lower economy regions inbetween urban areas having the commitment to work or even relocate to foreign languages and regions.

Software is dynamic

So are we

All our teams are based outside the urban areas of the overheated Tech Hubs. This is how we are able to act with different teams from Germany, China, Russia, Ukraine and Costa Rica but constantly expanding further into the East,  South East Asia and South America. The setup of personalities is diverse and multinational allowing for a best compromise of working cultures evolving from the work in multiple international projects instead of trying to adopt a mono culture. Working at the best standards of communication, Project Management and Technologies all the players within our teams are 100% compatible.

The Founder

Mike Muehlberger

Mike as a founder is driven by the energy of aspiring talents finding their way. That is why continuous personal and technical development is a cornerstone of the company’s objectives. Starting as an engineer for BMW Motorsport he developed an international entry level race category for young talents aspiring to go to Formula 1. Through these experiences Mike gained the ability to foster international and complex environments with a central vision. Transforming into the Digital Business with his first Startup he combined these skills with the IT industry which is the backbone of SPACE44’s work.