software developers

as a service

“Outsorcing” and Digital Agencies have left a lot of scorched earth in the past few years. SPACE44 is not aiming to take over projects but to only supply single or multiple developers within your development infrastructure. This ensures 100% control of intelectual property, strategy and the product. This outstaffing model is very much compatible with a modern quality approach for distributed teamwork.

Outstaffing technically explained

Outstaffing basically means you have full-time contractors working exclusively for you, with a direc t„peer-to-peer“ communication within your extended technical team. Besides the missing physical presences anything else should be as the distributed developers are part of your team – a distributed team. Developers will be integrated into your Project Management and communication setup. Daily Standup Video calls ensure the best possible personal integration. Our Team Manager’s is making sure this integration process is as quick and effective as possible.

Diversity & Pre-assesment

The added value of working with SPACE44 instead of with an outsourcing company is like working with instead of a hotel. We are making use of a diversity of teams that specialise in Web, E-Commerce, AI or Gaming. This way we pick-and-choose your best options from a wide range of pre-assessed specialists.

Supported Onboarding & System Integration

During the process of onboarding the first developers our Team Manager stronlgy involves in the process and helps the system understanding and integration of our developer. Once the first onboarding is completed any additional developer will be pre-coached on your Project Management and communication tools, like your Jira setup and Scrum process.

Ongoing Quality Assurance

The role of our Team Manager is to ensure an effective integration of our team members into your development infrastructures and acts as an ongoing quality control for their communication and interaction with you. Like a shoulder view he oversees communication and processes to avoid bottlenecks or escalations and find replacements or additional resources when necessary.