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Nothing is more powerful

than a human soul on fire

Outside your comfort zone is where the magic happens. And if there is one thing we at SPACE44 all share it is reaching out beyond our comfort zones. The will to go the extra mile is what drives us to deliver best results. All our developers are coming from lower economy regions inbetween urban areas having the commitment to work or even relocate to foreign languages and regions.

Software is dynamic

So are we

All our teams are based outside the urban areas of the overheated Tech Hubs. This is how we are able to act with different teams from Germany, China, Russia, Ukraine and Costa Rica but constantly expanding further into the East,  South East Asia and South America. The setup of personalities is diverse and multinational allowing for a best compromise of working cultures evolving from the work in multiple international projects instead of trying to adopt a mono culture. Working at the best standards of communication, Project Management and Technologies all the players within our teams are 100% compatible.

The Founder

Mike Muehlberger

Mike as a founder is driven by the energy of aspiring talents finding their way. That is why continuous personal and technical development is a cornerstone of the company’s objectives. Starting as an engineer for BMW Motorsport he developed an international entry level race category for young talents aspiring to go to Formula 1. Through these experiences Mike gained the ability to foster international and complex environments with a central vision. Transforming into the Digital Business with his first Startup he combined these skills with the IT industry which is the backbone of SPACE44’s work.


Our portfolio is a result of the different integration models of capacities we offer. From single developers added to existing structures to larger teams operating as a task force. These are integrated like “plug-in” teams to a central technical Project Management of bigger teams.

Due to confidentiality we are only able to list a limited number of projects.


The software package offers the first professional, web-based Circuit Administration System for managing multiple processes surrounding racing circuits. With access to book one or more of over 450 race tracks all over the world. Presented through an easy to use user interface the process is no different than booking a hotel room. All these race tracks can be booked for motorsport testing, incentives, track days or racing schools with Formula or GT cars, motorbikes or even race trucks.

This project included the complete redesign of the Homepage and user application. While keeping a fluid appearance for an ultimate UI experience our designer and frontend developers where required to really use all their creativity. Together with the client we decided to use Ocotber CMS which is based on the Laravel framework, because of its flexibilty and wide range of customisebale plugins. Technically this project included rebuidling and optimising the existing API to connect to the new frontend and operate at optimal speeds was all in a days work for our php specialists.

The use of SPACE44 capacities helped the client to relaunch his website and optimize his backend performance. Design was not covered within the clients technical team and resources were necessary to cover the daily business of the huge and complex system.

Instructor iOS application

This application helps the managing of driving instructors. The first version of the product (MVP) included only features like centrally sending event requests to a choice of available instructors with a calendar function showing instructor availability and other filters. It included instant messaging in groups during the event and the complete financial part of the offering, expenses and sending the invoices to the organiser.

The product was designed from scratch focussing especially on all UI/UX elements for an effortless experience was the most important part of this project from the onset. Not one decision was made without keeping the end user in mind. A heavily loaded function in a simple and intuitive way was achieved making use of our CEO’s Product experience.

SPACE44 supplied a full-remote UI/UX designer and an iOS specialist to develop this product. Native iOS was an expertise which was not covered within the clients technical team.

BikerSOS hardware integration

A hardware integration project done by one of our Senior Java/Kotlin developers from our Offshore Team. The BikerSOS mobile application is a native Smartphone Application with integrated intelligence recording your trips and detects unusual patterns in the movement of the motorbike. This gives the system the ability to detect when an accident happens and then automatically alert the emergancy control centre that will provide the needed assistance. While it was a smartphone application only we provided supported by integrating an extra bike-based hardware. This device tracks the movement of the motorbike without the help of the mobile application and can send alerts to the mobile device when anything unusual is happening.

Our developer encountered some technology specific challenges that led him to searching for corrupt TCP packets and investigating their cause before getting rid of them. This involed extensive checks on both the Telefonica configurator side aswell as the TCP serve side.

SPACE44 was able to help with a fully-remote resource to achieve the target of launching the product upgrade in time for the start of the season.

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Offshore Software Development Services


software developers

as a service

“Outsorcing” and Digital Agencies have left a lot of scorched earth in the past few years. SPACE44 is not aiming to take over projects but to only supply single or multiple developers within your development infrastructure. This ensures 100% control of intelectual property, strategy and the product. This outstaffing model is very much compatible with a modern quality approach for distributed teamwork.

Outstaffing technically explained

Outstaffing basically means you have full-time contractors working exclusively for you, with a direc t„peer-to-peer“ communication within your extended technical team. Besides the missing physical presences anything else should be as the distributed developers are part of your team – a distributed team. Developers will be integrated into your Project Management and communication setup. Daily Standup Video calls ensure the best possible personal integration. Our Team Manager’s is making sure this integration process is as quick and effective as possible.

Diversity & Pre-assesment

The added value of working with SPACE44 instead of with an outsourcing company is like working with instead of a hotel. We are making use of a diversity of teams that specialise in Web, E-Commerce, AI or Gaming. This way we pick-and-choose your best options from a wide range of pre-assessed specialists.

Supported Onboarding & System Integration

During the process of onboarding the first developers our Team Manager stronlgy involves in the process and helps the system understanding and integration of our developer. Once the first onboarding is completed any additional developer will be pre-coached on your Project Management and communication tools, like your Jira setup and Scrum process.

Ongoing Quality Assurance

The role of our Team Manager is to ensure an effective integration of our team members into your development infrastructures and acts as an ongoing quality control for their communication and interaction with you. Like a shoulder view he oversees communication and processes to avoid bottlenecks or escalations and find replacements or additional resources when necessary.

software entwickler freelance


We all have a driving force. Why we are and why we do. Whatever we are capable of doing will only unfold with our passion, happiness and enjoyment of doing. We support your passion and personal satisfaction. What we want for it is your initiative and will to go the extra mile.

Don't come to settle

This company and any individual in the team is not here to settle. We enjoy and create the dynamic environment to be able to move through different teams and ideas.

Life happens outside your comfort zone. New people means new thinking and new triggers so you constantly raise your personality and skill level.

Make it or break it

We are going through different steps of assessment with you. We will be starting with a personal interview, non-technical about what your motivation is, why us and what makes you. Aligning our ideas of a common way together we proceed into a technical interview with you, done by our head of technical. If he is convinced about your technical skills and methodical abilities you will undergo a code challenge in a certain time frame. The code you produce will be challenged in a last interview to understand the decisions you made for the code and why you went that route. After that you will receive our offer and coaching plan for a certain technology that we would like to extend your knowledge on. Challenge us, we are open for any ideas and feedback you have on our Recruitment process.

full stack technologies


Within our multiple teams we share a large technology stack. A strong focus is on javascript full-stack technologies but we support other backend technologies, c ++ embedded and big data tech.


We use the most innovative JS libraries and frameworks for Front- and Backend development. Full Stack Javascript has the advantage of being flexible to shift resources from front- to backend within the same team which allows for a great degree of flexibility. For many of the web and mobile projects this is an excellent mix of time, cost and performance.

Demystifying Big Data

Big Data is probably the most mystified new tech out there. Everybody wants it, everybody needs it, but nobody really knows what it is. With our data and AI specialists we provide support in handling and structuring your data, raising performance of data request and apply Artificial Intelligence with Bots or Machine Learning. The team has extensive experience in this wide range of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence to make your business challenges become chances.

Embedded C languages

Embedded and the C languages are the technologies used for IOT and many autonomous technologies. Similar language but completely different industry is the Gaming industry. Our team has excellent but confidential references of US or Israel based clients.

our technology stack

Offshoring development


Future started yesterday

we're already late

The digital revolution has created an enormous need of Software resources in  urban Tech hubs. The local job markets are unable to serve them locally as needs have exceeded available developers. As a consequence every IT project has open positions remaining on a constant basis.

Despite weaker economics there is many regions with talented and experienced developers not getting enough traction due to their location.

SPACE44 closes this gap with its international teams working to most modern standards with most innovative technologies. Our services target at exactly those needs to be able to instantly scale your resources like a plug-in solution.

Intelligence is measured in the ability

to learn and change

Most of the top 20 most valuable companies in the world are from California or the United States. If we want to keep up with technologies and methods we need to understand this momentum. We are strongly networking within Germany and the United States to benchmark everything we do with the best in the tech industry.

SPACE44’s vision is to integrate aspiring developers from all over the world to with the best companies of the international Tech Industry. With our first office in Munich we want to reach out to Berlin, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Austin, Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Partners, projects and offices from these hubs share knowledge of the latest technologies, methods or business models. Our customers benefit from this international think tank and the energy coming along with the dynamic of this diverse team setup.

try. fail. improve.

When Mike as founder of the company developed his first entry level Formula 1 race car he had to do something he has never done before. Setting up the right experts and a team made the project be the most modern Entry Level race car of that time. In 2010 he left Motorsport for good to enter the digital industry.

His first Startup was a Social Media app similar to Tinders approach. Despite not making it one of the unicorns Mike continued his passion to build and inspire international teams with a united mission.

In April  2017 he founded SPACE44. Initially only supporting other Startups with development resources SPACE44 soon started to also support big German DAX corporates from the finance and automotive industry.

We will continue our mission to make it possible for any individual wherever born on this planet to be able to work as a Software Developerfor the most successfull companies of this world.