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offshore software development team


As a hybrid of a Germany- based office we work distributed from 15 countries in 9 Time zones. A big Tech Team backed by an HR and Business Team is working to a modern working culture and IT environment.

The Team

The Founder

Mike Muehlberger

Mike as CEO and founder is driven by the energy of people with talent and motivation. Starting as an engineer for BMW Motorsport he designed a race car, category and competition concept for the Formula BMW, an international entry level race category for aspiring Formula 1 talents. No matter what you need to do: it’s not what you bring in, but what you make out of it. Your attitude and approach is what makes the difference. This is one of the core values at SPACE44.

Offshore Software Outsourcing Company


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Chief Sales Officer

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    SPACE44 GmbH      |      Paradiesstr. 9      |      80538 München      |      Deutschland

    Offshore Software Development Services


    An international recruiting engine with extensive experience in multicultural team setups will face your hiring challenge. Not only setting up the team, but seamlessly integrate into your existing team and sustainably perform. So let's ...

    Extend your workbench

    Motivated & Engaged

    A strong brand culture with personal development plans let us engage strongly with our team members so they perform highly motivated for your challenges.

    Seamlessly Integrated

    Team members work exclusively and full time for you. We dont share or rotate developers within our clients so they can fully focus on your mission.

    Turnkey Solution

    An effective recruiting pipeline and a strong employer brand let us provide ready-to-start candidates presented with personality and skill profile.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are confident in what we do why we offer a 7-day cancelation period at no fee. Any „false start “is on us to guarantee your satisfaction.

    software entwickler freelance


    Joy & Performance

    Skills can be developed, but personalities are here to stay. We define a human centered approach with personal joy and satisfaction as the core of our values. We are holding regular assessments and provide structured Feedback from your team and our client. On this basis we provide personal development plan with appropriate workshops and coaching for everyone on the team.

    Don't come to settle

    As individual and as a team we keep moving. We enjoy and create a dynamic environment moving through different teams in the various Innovator Start-Ups.

    The magic in life happens outside your comfort zone. New people, new thinking models and new inspiration constantly shapes our personality and skills.

    Up for your next Challenge?

    Offshoring development


    Nothing is more powerful
    than a human soul on fire

    The Digital Transformation has created a strong competition of digital products and services. The speed and efficiency of the Hiring Process is deciding the battle for Market Leadership. Relying on highly competitive local job markets is not a success model anymore. Establishing Remote Work is the new working model.

    We grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation.

    We believe talent and motivation has no time zone, location, or culture. Our vision to allow a talent from anywhere in this world to remotely work for team with a modern team culture and an innovative product vision.

    Via workplace diversity and empowerment of everyone.

    Reaching out to New York, Austin, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Montreal, London and Stockholm we share our experience from working in innovation hubs. Knowledge and experience on the latest technologies, patterns or business models. Our clients benefit from this international think tank and the energy coming along with the dynamic of this diverse team setup.