We all have a driving force. Why we are and why we do. Whatever we are capable of doing will only unfold with our passion, happiness and enjoyment of doing. We support your passion and personal satisfaction. What we want for it is your initiative and will to go the extra mile.

Don't come to settle

This company and any individual in the team is not here to settle. We enjoy and create the dynamic environment to be able to move through different teams and ideas.

Life happens outside your comfort zone. New people means new thinking and new triggers so you constantly raise your personality and skill level.

Make it or break it

We are going through different steps of assessment with you. We will be starting with a personal interview, non-technical about what your motivation is, why us and what makes you. Aligning our ideas of a common way together we proceed into a technical interview with you, done by our head of technical. If he is convinced about your technical skills and methodical abilities you will undergo a code challenge in a certain time frame. The code you produce will be challenged in a last interview to understand the decisions you made for the code and why you went that route. After that you will receive our offer and coaching plan for a certain technology that we would like to extend your knowledge on. Challenge us, we are open for any ideas and feedback you have on our Recruitment process.