Software is temporary

so are we

SPACE44 is a turntable for IT Technologies, Personalities and the Tech Industry. Multicultural. International. Because developers should never settle. But stay hungry and moving.

We therefore supply other startups with temporary Software Development Resources and join their teams within Germany. Specialised in mobile applications and UI/UX development the team is focusing on innovative Javascript frameworks & libraries, besides native languages.

try. fail. improve.

When Mike as founder of the company developed his first entry level Formula 1  racecar, the digital revolution was at its beginning. When Sebastian Vettel, one of his former fosters won his first Formula 1 Championship he called his personal mission completed. He left Motorsport for good to enter the digital industry.

His first Startup later called SPREYA was the first project of the BLIPhead GmbH. But like the old economy on the big scale Mike had to learn digital product development the hard way. While pivoting with the product a couple of times he learned a lot about the design and development of digital products and building software developer teams. The team began to singly support other Startups with development resources which was the beginning of the new business model, which was the basis to draw a line and found a new company.

In April  2017 the SPACE44 GmbH was founded. The newly built team still focusses on UI/UX development and mobile application technologies. As a young company we are moderate about what we achieved so far but very ambitious about what is to come.

Future started yesterday so

we're already late

That’s why our learning curve has to be steeper than the one’s we want to catch up with. So any result we produce in our knowledge, procedures and interactions come from a constant will to interpret ourselves new.

Our only consistency is change

We do this on a continuous and challenging level but we do it together. Try, fail, improve. The possibility of joining different projects, teams and companies allows us to multiply our learning curve and create our standards together.

Our Mission Statement

We respect and learn from the best. We never fear failure because it’s our key to innovation. The team is our engine for success. We enjoy the open dialogue, we respect and support each other. We are digital Freaks bond by the cool stuff we create and driven by individual satisfaction. We love what we do.